Internet Vikings’ IP-ranges marked as toxic by Google

Domains hosted or owned by Internet Vikings are obviously flagged by Google. This also applies any of their IP addresses and their datacenters.

Internet Vikings is listed in Ripe so it was a trivial job for Google to flag all Internet Vikings cloud servers, nameservers, IP ranges etc.

Note, buying any hosting or sites from Internet Vikings will almost certainly make supress your domain in Google's SERP

Ripe Member Listing

Internet Vikings International AB
Sveavägen 33
11134 Stockholm
phone: +4684414499
e-mail: info (at) internetvikings (dot) com
Areas serviced: SE

And while your at it, please enjoy the crashing Internet Vikings Rocket. A crash is imminent as all the clients of Internetvikings realise they only get screwed for the money, and get only useless SEO spam sites of low quality.

Here’s some places where you can get links without ussing the dangerous services of Internet Vikings


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