Internet Vikings’ Spam Hosting IP Ranges

This is how hard it is to find the Internet Vikings spam IP ranges:

  1. Google “Internet Vikings International AB
  2. Find in the serp and click it
  3. Scroll down to the “IP Address Ranges” list


Internet Vikings IP Ranges
Internet Vikings SEO Spam Site IP Ranges

As you can see it’s trivial for any search engine to just flag all IP numbers owned by Internet Vikings International AB since they just contain SEO spam anyway. However, the sites are certainly already automatically detected as SEO spam.

Here’s some tier two links with lesser footprints than what Internet Vikings is offering,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. Wow, who knew? It’s hard to believe they would just leave such obvious footprints in their PBN, who would know, lol?

  2. yes, it’s kind of stupid, lol

    What a great business plan! buy IP ranges and sell SEO spam / PBN exclusively on them? It’s the most obvious footprint after just putting all the sites on the same IP, lol

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