Internet Vikings launches cloud hosting – Stay Clear

Internet Vikings is supposed to launch cloud hosting in West Virginia 23rd August 2021. Keep your eyes open and avoid any services or hosting from this datacenter as it will have toxic IP addresses and footprints all over it.

By the way when Internet Vikings say “datacenter”, in reality it’s just a dedicated server that all domains and toxic IPs are pointed to. It’s trivial for Google to discount link power domains on this server, or even more likely to penalise sites on this server or with inlinks from domains on this server.

Don’t fall for the fancy talk of Internet Vikings

You gen get better domains, links and hosting if you just make sure to not leave the footprints that Internet Vikings does.

On a side note, it’s still possible to make decent link building

Well, anything is better than Internet Vikings anyway. Here’s some examples of the links that we managed to build:,,,,,,,,,,