Warning for Internet Vikings dropped domains (Bad for your SEO)

The domains are selected for showing stats that are impressive for the average SEO guy.

But you should stay away from Internet Vikings at all cost.

The other articles on this site explain better why you should avoid the Internet Vikings spam domains and spam network hosting. This post is primarily made to been seen in the search results for Internet Vikings dropped domains in order to warn new victims from falling for the Internet Vikings scam.

  • Their dropped domains are toxic.
  • They will forget to renew them even if you paid for renewal(!)
  • Their hosting is obviously flagged as spam hosting by the search engines
  • If you buy a domain, you don’t even own it… you lease it and it remains in the name of Internet Vikings, so it’s obviously part of their spam network.
  • And most importantly, when you link from Internet Vikings dropped domains, your ranking will drop.
Internet Vikings dropped domains
My search console after adding one of the Internet Vikings dropped domains to it.

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