5 Reasons iGaming Operators Should NOT Choose INTERNET VIKINGS as Hosting Service Provider

A building with weak or cracked foundations is a disaster waiting to happen. Eventually the building will fall apart – and no fancy mouldings or shiny new roof will be able to hide it.

This is exactly what Internet Vikings is: a building with crackled foundations. You can’t buy domains from them, the domains are leased. And even if you pay for renewals, they let them expire because of lack of fundamental organisation.

The supposed reasons:

1. Experience in the industry
Well, I give them that they are experts, but more like the kind of expert that can sell anything to naive buyers. Their organisation is based on good sales pitches but poor actual performance.

2. Global presence
Speaking of this, they claim to have IPs from all over the world, but it you buy some IPs from an african company and use them in Europe, both Google and Maxmind quickly figure out that she site is not in Aftica, and start to treat the IP numbers as European. Furthermore their global precense only makes it easier for search engines to flag their whlole spam block network.

3. Regulatory compliance
Well in this respect I actually believe they are out right lying about being compliant with the gbpr. They are unorganised in all other critical aspects so why would they handle the compliancy any better?

4. Compatibility
Well here Rickard Vikström is name dropping some other unmanaged hosting providers and claiming that Internet Vikings would do a better job for some reaon. But I have experience in their system and there was no instructions for their API and their help with badly setup SEO spam hosting was slow and basic.

5. Trust from operators and game developers
Nah, you have no trust from me and I know there’s more out there that has seen that your services give negative results.

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