Internet Vikings International AB sales pitch corrected:

We (Internet Vikings International AB) offer high-quality low quality sites at a low cost and take care of all the site building you need to support your no, you a need better SEO strategy. Building over 500 [spam] sites per month, we have an experienced team that can cater for a variety of needs and requirements but not actually create any top content or results.

Furthermore, the clients of InternetVikings just lease the domains. The domains are all stored by the same registrars (footprint) and hosted on budget servers on budget IP ranges (footprints).

But enough talk now, do they improve your rankings or not?

I was in a project where we spent €2000 on snapback domains and sites from Internet Vikings. As soon as we linked these sites to our money sites, we lost positions. Furthermore the sites where not well made and didn’t even bother to create pages with the same URLs as the inlinks.

Worst of all, though, is that their supposed C-class IP groups are tainted from thousands of shitty spam sites. You don’t want anything hosted by Internet Vikings. At best it will not hurt your rankings but you are out the money. At worst you’re out the money and all your good rankings disappear.

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Internet Vikings International Ab SEO SPAM MEETING

Be the first to put your budget into a spam network that Google already knows about and it trivial to find either way.


At the time of writing, Internet Vikings are advertising “Domain Renewals” under “Our Products” -> “Domains” -> “Domain renewals”.

When I was handling a project with Internet Vikings, the domains were expiring left and right even when we had already paid for the renewals. If you get domains from Internet Vikings, you just lease them. This means that even if you pay their invoices, some domains will expire due to the lack of their organisation. Furthermore, since the domains are already identified as spam domains by Google, the clients of Internet Vikings get no results and discontinue the service. But since Internet Vikings own the domains you have pid for, you can’t sell them without exaggerated paper work and delays. This means most clients will not bother to get the domains they paid for, and Internet Vikings will “sell” them to the next naive client.

Tip of the day:

If you want to easily find a high trust site to link to, you don’t have to rely on the seo MOZ open site explorer. You can just link to any site that uses maxed out CDN (Content delivey Network) hosting. These sites will have the newest signals of trust and are risk free to link to. An example is Asia Gambling Guide that uses Cloudflare and their Argo network of server. This will guarantee that the IP range is not toxic. This it the opposite of what you get from Internet Vikings International AB

Techno Viking
Techno Viking

Bad Services That Internet Vikings Try To Sell

iGaming Hosting

What’s this? well nothing special. Regular hosting at a higher price because of it being called “iGaming Hosting”.

SEO Hosting

“SEO Hosting” basically beans that you can host many sites on different c-class IPs, but the IPs are already flagged as spammy/scammy, and are all from the same company anyways. It’s trivial for a search engine to just ignore spam links from IP ranges owned by the same company.

Spam Flagged IP Addresses

We offer IP-addresses for rent. Over the last decade, Internet Vikings have utilized 150,000 IP-addresses all over the world.

This is a funny one. You sure you want to RENT ip addresses from a SEO spam network? I wouldn’t.